Þorsteinn Jóhannsson (1918–1998) was born in Hnappavellir, the son of farmer Jóhann Þorsteinsson and his wife Guðrún Jónsdóttir. Þorsteinn married Sigrún Pálsdóttir from Svínafell and lived there from the year 1947, being a farmer together with his brother in law Jón Pálsson. Þorsteinn held various vocations in his community that included teaching, he was chairman of the Youth association in Öræfi for many years, served in the parish council for the Hof district during 1958-1997. He was a member of the Hof district council 1962-1994 and its chairman during the years 1981-1994, just to mention some of his work for the community. Þorsteinn was an ardent book reader and a great lover of Njála (the Niall´s saga), understandably being a farmer in Svínafell where the saga´s main hero lived in the 13th century. He wrote poetry and verse and a collection of his work was assembled in a book titled Undir breðans fjöllum – Ljóð og lausavísur -


Vinir Vatnajökuls