The waterfall Svartifoss in Skaftafell is a very special gem of nature because around it is a half circle of very high and dark lava columns. The waterfall tumbles off the high cliff with roaring sound. Svartifoss is in the Bæjargili gully. In Icelandic foss means waterfall. At least four waterfalls are in the gully and counting down we have: Svartifoss, Magnúsarfoss, Hundafoss and Þjófafoss.


Hundafoss falls off a high cliff in the Bæjargil gully on your way to Svartifoss.


At the mouth of Bæjargil gully is a place called Lambhagi. It has big trees and an old stacked rock wall around it. Previously, the gully was much deeper here and had a big cave in it that was completely buried by the Skeiðará glacial river in one of the “jökulhlaups” (huge flow of meltwater).

In Bæjargil gully.

Vinir Vatnajökuls