Skaftafellsjökull (23rd Okt. 2012), viewed from Hafrafell.

From the camping site in Skaftafell there is only a short walk to the Skaftafell outlet glacier, or a distance of about 1.8 km that will take half an hour to walk, each way. Most of the way is paved apart from the last part that has gravel. On your way you will notice the rapidly growing birch coverage in an area that has become ice free during the last century or so.

Great changes are taking place all along the front of Skeiðarárjökull that is retreating noticably every year at the moment.

Areal photograph showing Skaftafells- and Svínafells outlet glaciers taken by the National Land Survey of Iceland on Agust 20th 1982.

Vinir Vatnajökuls