Geothermal hot springs have long been known in Morsárdalur valley, both by Heiturlækir and also at the foothill of Jökulfell. In Jökulfell the geologist Jón Jónsson measured water temperatures of up to 70°C in the year 1951. This was shortly after the Skeiðará river has swept all loose material away with its “jökulhlaup”. Jökulhlaup being a massive outburst of glacial meltwater from underneath Skeiðarárjökull. Later the jökulhlaups from Skeiðará river brought material that covered some of the hot springs and since then the water temperatures have measured up to 60°C in hot springs by the base of Jökulfell. Recently, an effort was made to find hot water by the Skaftafell camping site. This search proved successful and warm water, 51.3°C, was found in a borehole at a depth of a 300 m, some 500 m west of the camping site. Even though the quantity of water is not very great it confirms that hot water is present in Skaftafell and it is reasonable to assume that both hotter and more water may be found here at greater depth.


Vinir Vatnajökuls