Norðurdalur (North valley) may be one of the best kept secrets of Skaftafell. It is situated on the outskirts of Skaftafell and lies high on the northwest side, a kind of a “bay” cutting into Skaftafell mountains (Skaftafellsfjöll). At a glance it looks like Norðurdalur is a very difficult place to get to but this is not the case. At least it is easier to reach than getting toward Þumall. The route to Norðurdalur (from the Skaftafell camp site) is passed Bæjarstaðaskógur and up Austurdalur valley, all the way to the mountain top. Once there you walk along the ridge to the location of your choice in Norðurdalur. The glacier, Skeiðarárjökull, banks close against the land in Norðurdalur but deep in the gullies are ice dammed lagoons, sometimes five of them. Occasionally, they empty out causing the water to travel below the ice to where Skeiðará river begins. It is beautiful in Norðurdalur but barren. Nowadays guided tours are made across Skeiðarárjökull to Norðurdalur and to the campsite in Skaftafell. See photos from Norðurdalur here.

Vinir Vatnajökuls