Morsárdalur valley. When the image was taken in 1986 the Skeiðará river flowed in two branches to Skeiðarársandur, one banked up gainst Skaftafell, while the other had a path further south. At this time immense water flowed under the Skeiðará river bridge and the barrier constructed by Skaftafell had a great function, both to divert the water under the bridge as well as protecting the land further east. To get to Morsárdalur valley at this time one had to cross the Skaftafellsheiði and cross the bridge over Morsá river, that occasionally would be destroyed in the spring flooding. Now, that Skeiðará river no longer flowes under Skeiðará river, one can quickly get into Morsárdalur. Things to see there include the Skeiðará river source by Jökulfell, the “tall” birch trees by Bæjarstaður (a real Icelandic forrest) or head further in the valley to Morsárjökull or the Kjós volcano interior.

Morsárdalur valley, August 30th, 1986 (NLS, Iceland).

Vinir Vatnajökuls