Skaftafell is one of the most visited national parks in Iceland. It´s location, south of Vatnajökull glacier in SE-Iceland, is set in an extraordinary landscape. To get there you first drive across the vast outwash “sandur” plains cut by enormous glacial rivers. Rising from the plains are mountains cut by valleys filled with outlet glaciers. In the back, toward north, towers the immense Vatnajökull ice sheet. The grayish color gives a cool image of a landscape with vast contrasts, white and black glaciers, grayish muddy rivers and mountain peaks rising high above the environment. Skaftafell is originally the name of a small mountain (fell) in SE-Iceland. It is also a name of a farm that was located at the foothill of this small mountain. In recent times Skaftafell is to most people the name of a national park, the Skaftafell national park, that now has been vastly expanded to include the Vatnajökull ice sheet and now goes by the name the Vatnajökull national park.

Vinir Vatnajökuls